What is Success?

“What does success mean to you?” Someone asked me this the other day, and it got me thinking. What does success really mean? Furthermore, what does it really mean to me?

Most people think being happy and having a lot of money is key, but it is not. There is much more than having a luxurious life and money.

Some might define success as not having to work more than 40 hours per week, and another person defines success as having a million dollars in the bank account. I’m somewhere in between, I’d say.


I also know that success is meeting MY goals. Success is closing those sales. Success is keeping clients happy and content. Success is providing for my son. Success seeing my son happy and working with him.

I think most can relate to the fact that when you start a business, you come in knowing you want to make six figures plus. My goal was to make what I was making in my corporate job. LAME. I made it in no time. Then what?

Some people want to make millions or billions and that equals success to them. But for me, it’s giving the results that my clients want. It is providing for my son in the way that he needs. It is following through and having full creativity with client work.

YES, money is a great part of success, but think outside of the box. You have to set goals; if you do not set goals, then you can’t ever really define your success. Agree?

Whenever I feel down and out, I make a list of people I admire both professionally and personally. This action helps me to understand success and goals for the future.

So tell me, what does success mean to you? Does it mean having money or having a good job? Or something else? Know that you are successful, and set those goals so that you know you are successful.


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When are you having the next baby?

So many people ask that! I have found that people are asking that now more than ever since Antonio turned one. It can be quite annoying, frustrating yet exciting.

The truth is sometimes you just aren’t ready or don’t want to accept that your little one has grown up. I know it took me a little bit to realize that he actually turned one. It doesn’t even make sense!! Time seriously flys by it doesn’t even seem like this is real yet.

I look back on pictures and see newborns in the stores and think “WOW antonio used to be that small for a short time.” I feel that I do miss it and look at how far I have come. I wonder how I got through those newborn stages!! There are so many milestones that both Antonio and I went through together! That’s the truth. It is true what they say when you have kid they are never prepared for all the love and kisses, it brings in a whole new perspective!


I remember the endless sleeping nights, the adjustments for eating, all of it. There wasn’t ever a time that I didn’t think I couldn’t make it, but just when you get started and used to things, you have to adjust to a new schedule, milestone, or pattern.

Chris and I both sit here and wonder about the next baby. Of course we want another one and know that we need to have one soon… but Antonio was such a great baby. Seriously sleeping through the nights at three months, and just an independent adorable baby. We think that we are going to be cursed with a bad baby. 

By bad.. we mean not sleeping through the night, maybe being colic, who knows. No matter what we will adjust of course, but it’s hard for me to imagine sharing my love with a new baby!  Most of the time things are only temporary and fade away! Of course the next baby is going to be different, fun, and perfect but we know that it is going to be different.

I am sure that the next baby will have a wonderful different personality! We will adjust and it will be wonderful … BUT, we will move forward when we are ready, so hang tight!! How did you mama’s adjust and prepare for baby #2?


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