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Interior decorating is so fun. From the curtains, paint colors, furniture, and accessories I love it all. Having a graphic design degree has helped me coordinate many different rooms! We love these shops so much! These are literally the shops we go to all the freakin time! We knew you would want to learn more and get some mega deals, too!! We LOVE decorating and being super girly so these items and shops are made specifically for that!

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Interior Styling Tips 

  • Keep the colors consistent — Don’t have one room be a super different color from the rest of the rooms. And keep all the stuff within one room matching. If you have brown’s keep it neutral.
  • Keep it simple — Don’t overthink. Keep the de clutter out of the area and keep everything easily accessible.
  • Declutter — I hate clutter, keep the desks, countertops, etc clean and free of extra un needed objects.
  • Accessorize — Add some cute knick knacks on your wall, tables, desks, etc. But keep it simple!


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