Anyone can shop smart AND feel good about it! I promise it is super easy. Most of these things I am sure that you are aware of, but just can’t put your thoughts together. It took me sometime to realize how to really shop smart, save money, and make money. All of these ideas are interchangeable so make the best use out of all of them.


  1. Grocery Shopping: You don’t need to buy things you don’t need. I know right, seems easy enough. You know not to go to the store hungry, but even more don’t go to the store without a list! Look at the cupboards, the fridge everything before you go grocery shopping to see what you really need. Make a list through out the week of things that are running low or are out completely. This will help you stay focused! Don’t feel like you need to get something because you have a coupon for it, this is bad. Check local ads to price compare and match such as, Target.comAcme.comGiant Many times they will allow you to price match on groceries! Amazing!
  2. Clothing Shopping: Seriously watch for smart sales!  Clearance is my favorite. I stock up on winter goods at the beginning of spring for ALL of us.It’s when the best time is! Search around on the internet to see what other stores are selling specific items for. Always ask about military discounts or any other discounts that you might think a store has. I have a junk email just for clothing email sales. That is the greatest decision I ever made. I can filter things SO much easier! If something is on sale don’t wait for it, get it that time. Only if it is a good sale you make sure to get it, and then you can even make money by re-selling. Be mindful that sometimes retailers DO mark their stuff up for Black Friday, etc so you might not have the best sale items them.
    3. Reward Cards/Free Cash: 
    You are foolish if you don’t take advantage of this. Almost everywhere I go no they ask if I have rewards card. Half the time I don’t even know what it is for or carry it with me! They look it up and then from there I get ‘rewards for each purchase’ before I know it I get a gift card, coupon, or freebie! So easy and silly to pass up! Here are some quick links for reward cards: KrogerCommissary Rewards,  KohlsJcpenney RewardsCartersDennysToys R UsPampersStride Rite. One time we WON FREE gas valued at $100 just because of rewards!! CRAZY! I also have gotten free clothes for my son because of Carters free cash rewards. Be smart!
    4. Receipt Feedback: Almost at the bottom of EVERY receipt there is a survey on your experience that day. It is like one in a million (like the lottery) to win some crazy amount.. I think that I am not ever going to win it, but I do it anyway as a mean of feeling lucky. I could win out of it or just waste 10 minutes of my life, you just never know! Either way, the feedback is usually pretty quick and doesn’t take up that much time. I can honestly say that I have WON from these. Every little bit helps!
    5. Coupons: Coupons are always tough. Right, we think we are getting a deal. In reality you aren’t getting a deal if you don’t need that product and have to buy like 10 items for $0.50 off. Rip off. Be smart about it. Think about it. Do you need this and will you use it? Will you use this before the expiration date? Are you running low? Do you need that many or just one? REALLY think about it.. Don’t let coupons fool ya!  Use coupons whenever an item is on SALE so that way you can get it for EVEN cheaper! We love using\
    Buy in Bulk: Oh my gosh, we take a bi-weekly trip to SAMS Club. This is the GREATEST thing ever! Like no lie. We buy one box of diapers, 2-3 formulas, one thing of wipes. Those items last 2-3 weeks. We also buy paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies.. These items last literally about 3 months. THREE months or more! We used to go through a $7 pack of paper towel every week! WHAT! Crazy. It has made such a difference! Run over to SAMS and get a membership!
    7.Needs VS Wants: We learn this at a VERY young age.. Think about wants vs needs. Ask yourself do you need this? Can you put it off? Do you want this? Think smart before you purchase. There is nothing worse than a regret after a purchase, especially on large items. I hate returning things, hate it. Plus I hate wasting gas on returning things, and then get side tracked to purchase more things. HAHA. Think about it mama’s we don’t have time to return items so be smart the FIRST time around!
    8. Shop Around: Know what you want before you buy it. Research what the average price is, if they price match, or are on sale. This is HUGE. Most stores will price match, so make sure that you are prepared if they do. This is especially great for large items! Even if you aren’t price shopping, know what you are buying and the features. Salesman can be VERY tricky, and leave you disappointed sometimes. 9. Plan Errand Days: It really matters when you plan and organize things. Do all the errands in one or two days. Don’t run out and waste gas when you can hit up places in close by areas. I always tell my husband this, why go back to the place we were just at? We have to drag the baby out then waste gas and time when we were just out there! It’s all about being smart mama’s.