Save Money

Ok let’s talk about saving money.. Who doesn’t want to save money? More money means a savings account or vacation or college funds.  It really isn’t even that hard, I promise. Every little bit helps and I am here to tell you that $5 here and there will add up over time. It is little things that you need to get your mind into. Set a schedule or a calendar reminder and make it all happen! Find the ways that work for you and stick to them! Make sure to sign up for our newsletters on saving money, making money, & mom life! 


  •  Extra Coins: I rarely ever have cash on me, I am a debit/credit girl. But every now and then I get cash… and I hate it. So I feel the urge to spend it or hide it in a jar. I know right, money in a jar who does that? I have a huge jar of coins, and even dollar bills, that just have been laying around in my purse or car! I take them to the local bank and have them count them and deposit it in my sons bank account for NOTHING. It’s FREE. Do it. You don’t use it, so you aren’t even missing out on anything, you’re just making money!
  • Coupons: Coupons only work if they are done right. Here’s what happens we cut them then think we need to buy the item because it’s expiring but you don’t even really need it. So you end up spending extra money. Make the grocery list first, then go through the coupons; if the coupons match items on your list then use them. I have found that this way works much better than having to cut each coupon and make the grocery list around it. Make sense? Don’t spend that extra money – we don’t have! Don’t go out of your way either for coupons.. I sometimes will print coupons but only if I know that I am truly going to use them, otherwise money is being flushed down the toilet.
  • Ibotta: I am sure most of you have heard about this awesome app… I LIVE by this. I make about $5 a week!!! This is crazy. $10-$20 a month alone from this app. HOW? I make sure to check out the deals before going grocery shopping; if both items on my list and I get money back for it cha cha ching, It’s double win!! Look beyond groceries, too. You can go to clothing stores, electronics, etc. PLUS if you refer peopke you get an incentive and they get one too!! Download the app with referral code: ocwrist (there’s something for both of us! So make sure you use it!)
  • Grocery Reward Cards: Almost everywhere you go people ask you “do you have a rewards card?” You should. It’s nothing, it’s free. Sometimes you add up points and get money. Sometimes you save money. The first thing that comes to my mind is Kroger (a local grocery store) they have a rewards card and I always see instant cash savings come off the total price. I get a big sigh of relief! It wonders wonders, I am telling you! Most stores do have rewards cards or reward points. For example we love  Carters!!! So we are a part of their rewards program – hey use my referral code and get something for yourself! 
  • Stock up whenever you can: I really and truly stock up in between purchases. If I see stuff on sale for a steal I grab it! I have tons of soup, condiments, etc that I stock up and always have some on hand. This is one of those things that you can save coupons for; they are items that you can always buy and use. If I know that I go through something a lot I always make sure that I have it on hand. Keep a list of things that you need to stock up on and when it’s more than half way empty make a run to get it. You are saving money by stocking up on these items so you don’t go out an impulse and buy more! Think about it.