Question: Is business address the same as registered address?

What is the difference between a registered address and a business address? … A registered address is an official address that is generally used for legal correspondence and a business address is a location a company uses for general mail – often the physical address.

Is my business address my registered address?

While only statutory mail is delivered to the registered office of your company, a business address can be used as a point of contact for correspondence and communication for suppliers, clients and other third parties. Your business address does not need to be at the same location as your registered address.

Can I use my business address as my registered agent address?

Can I use a registered agent address as my business address? Generally speaking, no. … It is not meant to receive regular mail or serve as your business address. An exception would be if you serve as your own registered agent; in that case, your business address and registered agent address would be the same.

What is considered a business address?

A company’s business address is most commonly the business’s physical address. A registered address is an official address you supply to governmental and tax authorities and is the address used in any legal or court documents.

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Can a business address be a PO box?

Yes. When registering a company you are required to provide a register office address, and your residential address can be used. You cannot use a PO box, ASIC will reject any application where this is used as the registered office address.

Why have a registered address?

The purpose of a registered address, otherwise known as a service address, is to act as the official address and point of contact for your limited company or limited liability partnership for government agencies such as Companies House and HMRC.

What address can I use for my LLC?

Many states require you to use a physical street address to register your LLC or Corporation. PO Boxes are not accepted. You cannot receive any mail or packages from any third party couriers like UPS, FedEx, etc. You can only receive mail from the US Postal Service.

Is your business address public?

Your California business address will become part of the public record. The moment the California Secretary of State processes your filing and your LLC or corporation is officially formed, your business address will be posted on the California Secretary of State’s website for all the world to see.

Do I need an address for an LLC?

Many small businesses registered as LLCs will often have a member of the LLC serve as the registered agent for the business, with the place of business used as the registered agent address. … A physical address is required, because the address must be a place where service of process can occur.

What is primary business address?

Principal business address means the street address of a person’s home office in the United States. A principal business address cannot be a post office box or private mail drop.

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Does a business need to have an address?

Do you need a business address? If you run a company, then yes, you will need an official address that you do business from, this is sometimes called a trading address, correspondence address or Registered Office Address if your company is incorporated.

Does the company’s registered office have to be the main place of business of the company?

The registered office is where all communications and notices to the company will be sent. It is not necessarily the company’s head office or principal place of business. It can be, and often is, at the company’s accountants or lawyers, or at one of the director’s home or office addresses.