How do I register a business name in Arizona?

How do I register my business name in Arizona?

To register a trade name, go to the Arizona Secretary of State’s website. You can also register “dba” or trade names with the County Recorder’s office. To check on the availability of and reserve a name, click here.

How much does it cost to register a business in Arizona?

The Arizona Corporations Commission charges a $50 fee to file the Articles of Organization. It is an additional $35 for expedited processing.

Does Arizona require registering a DBA?

Arizona does not require the registration of a trade name or DBA in order to do some types of business under that name within the state. … Registration lets the company use the trade name to open bank accounts, enter contracts, and otherwise use the trade name as an official business name.

Where do I register my business name?

Register with federal agencies

If you want to trademark your business, brand or product name, file with the United States Patent and Trademark office once you’ve formed your business. If you want tax-exempt status for a nonprofit corporation, register your business as a tax-exempt entity with the IRS.

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Do you need an LLC to start a business?

You don’t need an LLC to start a business, but, for many businesses the benefits of an LLC far outweigh the cost and hassle of setting one up. … You can also get those things by forming a corporation or other type of business entity. It’s also perfectly legal to open a business without setting up any formal structure.

Do you need a business license in Arizona?

Business License – Arizona does not issue nor require a state business license, however, most city/town offices issue business licenses. … There is not a “blanket state license” that allows you to “opt out” of obtaining any local licenses which may be required.

How long does it take to register a business in Arizona?

Processing time for online filings requiring review is currently 2 -3 weeks.

How do I get an EIN number in Arizona?

The first step towards obtaining an Arizona tax ID number is to obtain an EIN/federal tax ID number. This can be done online at the IRS EIN page and should take less than an hour. You will need to answer a few questions about the business and will later receive a 9-digit number as your EIN.

How much does an LLC cost?

The main cost of forming a limited liability company (LLC) is the state filing fee. This fee ranges between $40 and $500, depending on your state.

How much does a DBA cost in Arizona?

Answer: Arizona calls a “dba” a trade name. An Arizona LLC gets an Arizona trade name (dba) by filing a Trade Name Registration Application with the Arizona Secretary of State and paying a $10 fee.

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Is it better to make an LLC or DBA?

Generally, a DBA is less costly to maintain, but an LLC offers better benefits and protection. Expanding and selling a business, as well as generating funding, is also easier with an LLC. Also, a business owner does not receive personal liability protection from a DBA.

How much does it cost to file a DBA in Arizona?

How much does a DBA cost in Arizona? The filing fee for normal processing is $10, which typically takes 2-3 weeks. For 24-48 hour processing, expedited processing is available for an additional $25. Trade Name registration is good for 5 years and is renewable.