Frequent question: How do I start an LLC in Ontario?

To register an LLC in Ontario, companies file Registration Form 6 under the business names act and the registration must be renewed every five years. No supporting documentation is required. Limited Liability Companies register in the same manner as corporations in Prince Edward Island.

How much does it cost to start an LLC in Ontario?

The cost of registering your business depends on whether or not you do it online. If you register online the cost is $60. If you register in person or by mail it’s $80.

Can you have an LLC in Ontario?

Currently in Ontario, only lawyers, chartered accountants and certified general accountants may form a Limited Liability Partnership. … There is no statute to establish an Ontario LLC .

How much does it cost to register a LLC in Canada?


Different Canada entity types Cost Draft invoice
Tax resident LLC US$12,200 View invoice PDF
Limited partnership US$12,500 View invoice PDF
PLC US$12,100 View invoice PDF
Branch of a foreign company US$13,100 View invoice PDF

How do I set up an LLC in Canada?

In order to create an LLC in Canada, an investor must prepare the Articles of Association, but also an Initial Registered Office address and first Board of Directors. These are questionnaires that need to be filled out and in which information about the registered address and directors of the company are provided.

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Do you need a business license in Ontario?

A Business Licence may be required for some businesses in order to operate in Ontario. This is in addition to the business name registration. … Use the BizPal web site to access business licences and permits information online. You must also register if you are registered as a form of limited liability company.

What is the difference between a Ltd and LLC?

Because they are both formed based on state law, you might assume limited liability companies and limited partnerships are identical. On the contrary, there are some very big differences between these entities that you need to understand if you’re trying to decide how to structure your business.

Do I need a master business license in Ontario?

If you are registering a sole proprietorship or partnership, and you wish to do business under a name that differs from your full name or the full names of the partners involved, you’ll need a master business licence to do so.

What is better LLC or sole proprietorship?

Most LLC owners stick with pass-through taxation, which is how sole proprietors are taxed. However, you can elect corporate tax status for your LLC if doing so will save you more money. … However, due to the combination of liability protection and tax flexibility, an LLC is often a great fit for a small business owner.

How are LLCS taxed in Canada?

The issue for Canadians is that the CRA deems an LLC to be a corporation and is therefore taxed as a separate entity. Consequently, the CRA will tax the owner on the full amount of income and will not allow the use of foreign tax credits for any tax paid to the IRS. Thus, resulting in the dreaded double taxation.

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