Make Money

Let’s talk making money. Seriously making money and saving money go hand in hand. What if I told you, there are SIMPLE ways for you to make money? Every little bit adds up, and I just put it away in my child’s saving account (or buy him some cute clothes). Seriously though, I promise you that all of my recommendations are FIRST hand experiences. I wouldn’t ever steer you the wrong way.

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  • Online Surveys: these are a REAL thing. Most of the time they are gift cards but I mean who wouldn’t want these? I can use them for a gift or purchase gifts with them instead of having to spend my own money out of my pocket. Whenever you shop online use these gift cards and save the real money for savings accounts! A few of my favorite are: Toluca  is a great one and has endless options! You can sit on your phone and do them while watching tv, they are fun and simple questions!  Inbox Dollars is a great one, I love this since it has so many different ways you can earn money! This one allows you to make money by watching videos, shopping or even taking surverys. Ipoll is kinda my favorite out all of them just because it turns into real money. You can get a PayPal account or check through this one, which is perfect for me! Another one of our favorites is swag bucks.
  • Product Reviews Well you can’t really make money, but you will get some freebies, YAY. or discounts.. I know right, I promise though the stuff is great and awesome. So you will need to have an amazon account in order for these to work. You will get a code from the services to purchase on the amazon account and then you just write a review, it’s super easy and fun. I use Review Kick.  Make sure to set up your amazon account.
  • Affiliate Programs I have made a great amount of money from this! You can share links/ads on your social accounts, on your blog accounts, or even place banners on your website. This has been super great to have and use and I have grown to use these! A few of our favorites are Linqia, Brand Cycle, Share a Sale
  • Get rid of things: This is super easy and so self explanatory! I have stuff that I have NEVER used. I have stuff that doesn’t fit me anymore. I have stuff that just collects dust. All of these things made me realize I could get rid of it all, make some cash, and spring clean. I’d have room and feel better about things. Who doesn’t like having a clean decluttered house and having some extra cash? Find local pawn shops, local Goodwill areas, or used clothing stores like Once Upon A Child, etc. You can even have your own yard sale if you’re up for it.
  • Flip Things: Say what? Not a house, or maybe a house who knows. I buy stuff on clearance turn around and sell it.I buy baby stuff on clearance and sell it on local  websites or yard sales and make a small profit like this. You will want to know that this might require some attention and availablity. If you are selling them for pick up then you will need to be around for them. Sometimes it is best to sell these items on eBay or etsy, so you can have nighter margins.
  • Rent a property: This is self explanatory. You can rent out office buildings, condos, or houses, etc. Make sure you have yourself covered in all areas before you commit to this.. a lawyer is a must!
  • Set up an Etsy Shop: Everyone loves to make and sell things! It is super easy and fun to do. It can be something as simple as a hobby or launching a new business. Sometimes the hobbies are the ones that turn into a business. It’s super fun and easy. Here are 40 FREE credits for you to get started with.
  • Sell Photography: If you have a DSLR and are interested in photography you can take some classes then sell your photos. You can set up a website with offering online classes or in person classes. You can even just do it through Facebook to start with. You can either sell your photography services or even just the actual prints – whatever is your niche.
  • Offer Mentoring: If you have something that you do as a hobby or are good at. You can go ahead and start offering mentoring to those who might be interested. You can boost some posts on Facebook real easy to your demographic. If you just want to do this as a side kick start letting family and friends  know and help spread the word.
  • Fiverr: We are HUGE fans of Fiverr. You don’t need much to do some side work and hustling. You can upsell a lot on Fiverr in fact. We usually have a steady amount that comes from there alone each month! Plus, you can pick what service you want to provide. You have to be willing to hustle a little. People do not usually just ‘find’ you, you have to share it on social media and blog posts, etc. Most times people will help and retweet or share for you. If you do a good job, you will have repeat customers without any questions.
  • Sell e-books: This almost seems like a no brainer, right. I have had so many e-books in the works and then other projects come up. There is always the thought would people want to buy this? How do I promote this? Will people re-sell or give this away to a friend after paying for it. It was all questions that I kept asking and realized that it just wasn’t as good as I thought. However, so many people do it so there has to be a way! PLUS webinars are hot now too. People pay for webinars or video conferences, don’t let it fool you at all.
  • Blogger Marketing:  Are you a blogger or business owner looking for a program that provides content and influencer marketing for brands and agencies? Izea is the perfect tool for you and helps you executive your objectives.  I personally am a huge fan of this company and have been for quite some time. I love being able to make money with this influencer marketing; it has been an incredible journey. What a better way to get paid?*sign up with my direct link. 
  • Blogger Marketing Linqia:  Are you a blogger and want to make additional money? Well then I have a little secret for you!! I LOVE Linqia.  Brands are looking for bloggers to connect, and help promote campaigns. Brands want to reach a larger audience and YOU are the perfect candidate for it.  I have worked with some of the largest brand names (Gerber, Huggies, Barilla), and gotten paid for them! You really can too. It’s easy and all you have to do is share blog posts and share on social media via specific campaigns that you get approved for. (Sign up today using my link)
  • Start a Blog: Starting a blog does take time and patience. Trust me on this one guys! I am still growing mine everyday and there is no ever down time. But you have to start somewhere that’s for sure. You have to find a topic or interests that you will write about on your blog. Once you figure that out make sure to sign up for a domain and blog.  sign up through this tutorial, you’ll receive a special offer of shared hosting at $3.95/month for 36 months, as well as a free domain name for a year! What a great deal!