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 Boy Stylin’ tips 

I love my son and I love being able to dress him up differently than girls. I often wonder what it would be like to have a girl, you know put those bows in her hair, and keep up with her fashion. But the truth is, I like how easy it is to work with my son. Here are a few easy tips.

  • Color Coordinate — I always love having red and black shoes with a red/black/grey outfit. It matches great!
  • Keep it basic — I am not a fan of patterns most of the time. I am also not a fan of graphic tees a lot of times unless they are in fact adorable.. Which I do come by sometimes!
  • Get accessories — I love putting hats and sunglasses on him.
  • Layer — In the winter time, I can use vests, flannels, jackets, and so much more that can help create an outfit and look!
  • Shoes —  I LOVE shoes, period. I have too many and now Antonio does too, because I love them too much. You can’t ever have enough shoes, especially since kids grow out of them so quick!


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