We started our own vegetable garden this season and I had no idea about this.. I decided it was a great way to save money but learned a lot of things along the way. So far it is time consuming, but well worth it! I wanted to share our journey with you.


  1. First things first, make sure you decide early on if you are going to be doing a garden. You have to plant at the right time otherwise it wont turn out right. Vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers grow in the late warmer spring to fall time frame. Vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, etc will grow in the cooler weather of spring and fall. We started a little after Memorial Day weekend in the northern Ohio and it almost seemed like we could of started sooner. Regardless you want to make sure that there isn’t any frost advisory when you start the garden.
  2. You need to make sure that your garden gets plenty of sun all day; find the best spot where the sun comes through all day. You need good soil so that it will grow fresh. You will need to keep up on the garden. You need to water at least two times a day, it is almost like a full time job so be prepared for it. We water the garden at least two times a day in the summer months because of how dry and humid it can get. You want to make sure that you are not flooding the plants though either.
  3. Don’t stress about the garden, if it is your first time. You will make mistakes, like me so don’t worry!  Make sure you have enough sun light and make sure that it is at least 4×4 feet. You will want to have a variety of vegetables such as yellow squash, zucchini; peppers; tomato plants, cucumbers, eggplant, basil, and lettuce. It is so fun to watch them grow and come to life, so to speak. I love being able to take them, wash them, and eat them right then and there!
  4. Most of the garden vegetables will harvest with 30-90 days providing you take care of them. You have to keep up on them in order for them to grow efficiently. The first time you start a garden it will be the hardest time. You will need to invest a lot of money and have to set up the garden (aka have a lot of hard work outside). We had to get a little fence so that the dogs wouldn’t get into it. Then we had to basically artierlle the whole garden. We planted the seeds much earlier than the buds just because those would take the longest.

After about a mont of doing the garden we basically had to re do the plants and add an additional fence plus make sure that we had pest control spray around the garden. We found out that when we were on vacation a rabbit came and ate our cucumbers and lettuce! There is a lot to gardening I will tell you that but the outcome, like anything, will be the greatest results.

We hope to have a lot of vegetables from this little garden. With doing so, we hope to freeze a lot in the coming months. We will keep adding blog posts and stories so make sure to check back.