You asked: How do I sign out of Skype for Business?

When you’re done using Skype for Business, you can sign out or close the app, depending on how you want to be visible online. To sign out, click the Show Menu arrow, select File, and choose Sign Out.

How do I sign out of my Skype account?

How do I sign out of Skype?

  1. Tap or click your profile picture.
  2. At the top, select Sign out.
  3. Choose whether you want Skype to remember your account and application preferences on this device, for example your selected theme. Yes: Sign out without deleting your username, password, or app preferences.

How do I sign out of Skype on all devices for business?

Change your password to make remote Skype clients sign out

  1. Go to File | Change Password.
  2. Follow the instructions to change your password.
  3. Now sign out using File | Sign Out.
  4. Wait a minute or so.
  5. Then sign in again using your new password.

How do I change accounts on Skype for Business?

Set Personal options in Skype for Business

  1. In the Skype for Business main window, click the Options button and select Personal, or click the arrow next to the Options button. and select Tools > Options.
  2. On the Options page, select Personal.
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How do I sign out of Skype for Business on Mac?

Sign out of Skype for Business on Mac

On the menu bar, click Skype for Business, and then click Sign Out.

How do you switch accounts on Skype?

Open Skype. From the menu bar, click Skype > Sign out.

On Skype for Windows 10 version 12. xx:

  1. Select your profile icon.
  2. Scroll down and select Sign out. Skype for Windows 10 will sign you out and the app will close.
  3. Relaunch Skype and sign in with a different account.

How do I sign out of Skype app?

In the upper right-hand corner of the app, you’ll see your profile picture for Skype. It may seem like a static icon, but it’s not, it’s a fully functional menu you can work within the Skype app on Android. Click on it. At the bottom of the app, you’ll see the Sign out feature.

How do you reset Skype for Business?

Reset Skype for Business presence status. On the desktop client select the black arrow next to the current status and select Reset Status.

How do I log into Skype for Business?

In a browser, go to In the top right corner of the screen, click Sign in. Enter the sign-in address and password you use to sign in to Skype for Business, and click Sign in.