Do I have to register to do business in South Carolina?

South Carolina law requires that all business opportunities be registered before placing advertisements or making representations to prospective purchasers.

Does the state of South Carolina require a business license?

Research more in Local Resources. There is no statewide business license in SC. Business Licenses are local government licenses, issued by the incorporated towns, cities and counties in SC.

What qualifies as doing business in South Carolina?

Since there is no definition of “doing business,” each business is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. However, in general, you will need to form a foreign LLC in South Carolina if your business pursues any of the following activities: Having a commercial domicile in the state.

Do you have to register a DBA in South Carolina?

Generally speaking, South Carolina does not require the registration of a DBA.

Do I have to register my business with the state?

Typically, you don’t need to register with county or city governments to actually form your business. If your business is an LLC, corporation, partnership, or nonprofit corporation, you might need to file for licenses and permits from the county or city.

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How much does it cost to register a business in SC?

To register, you must file an Application for a Certificate of Authority to Transact Business with the South Carolina Secretary of State and pay a $110 filing fee. The application must be filed by postal mail.

Do I need a business license to sell online in SC?

​Summary: Every person who engages in business in this state as a retailer must obtain a retail license before making any sales. This includes sales made online and persons who make infrequent sales in this state. If you have more than one business outlet, you must have a separate retail license for each location.

Does a sole proprietor need to register with the state of South Carolina?

While the sole proprietor is such a simple business classification that South Carolina doesn’t even require a business registration process or any type of fees, depending on how you use your sole proprietorship and what industry you operate in, you still might have some important steps that need to be taken.

How long does it take to register a business in SC?

The online filing process is usually completed within 24 hours. If the filing is mailed, the Secretary of State’s Office will usually complete the process within two to three business days after it is received, though longer filing times may be experienced depending on workload volume.

How can I register my company?

How to Register a Business

  1. Choose business structure. The first step is to decide on a business structure. …
  2. Find a location. …
  3. Register your business name. …
  4. Register with the IRS. …
  5. Register with state and local agencies. …
  6. Apply for licenses and permits.
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What states do not require DBA registration?

Several states guard registered assumed names by refusing overly similar names, but only Alaska and North Dakota provide exclusive name rights with registration. The majority of states that require registration of assumed names also require renewal of assumed name registration.

How do I register a business name in South Carolina?

Most state agencies have made registering and filing online simple. You can register your business online with the SC Secretary of State’s Office at You will need to create a username and password to begin.

Does a sole proprietor need to file with Secretary of State?

Because sole proprietorships are not their own distinct legal entities as corporations and limited liability companies are, owners do not have to register their businesses with the state secretary of state.