Small Banner Ads: 

Logical Living offers a limited number of ad spaces available for purchase for a flat monthly rate on all of the main homepages (does not include blog pages). The rates are based on the average monthly views. Pricing for these banner ads start at just $30 a month.

Sponsored Content Posts:

We write posts with original content that aligns with the typical content of our blog, but yet advertise it for you! We add the logo and sponsored posts to all of the blog posts and social media posts. Pricing for this starts at $200.00.

Social Influences:

With our social media growing each day, we have a great audience!. Send us YOUR image and your content and we will post it to a select account of your choice! This just $15 per post on any per platform.

Email Review: 

We send out weekly email newsletter to our audience. We can add in your shop banner and blog post for just $15.00. Currently our email list is growing!

All of it:

I want it all: Basically you want it all.. You want a product review. You want influence marketing, email campaign, and a blog post.. You can get ALL of it for just $300 total with copies of the photographs as well!

If you are interested in learning more about featuring your product on Logical Living please email



Logical Living g has an  average of 1000-5,000 page views each month.  The ages of the viewers range from 20-45 females, with a focus in the United States and Canada.


In addition to delivering fresh content on our blog, LL is in other social media outlets, including Facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest. Susie has 1000+ followers on facebook, and over 7,000 on twitter, over 1,000 on pinterest, and over 8,000 on instagram.  This is a continuous work in progress and the audience is constantly growing!

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Our Audience:

• stay at home mom’s • working at home mom’s

• United States • between 20-40 years old

• frugal shoppers • do it yourself


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