Logical Living is a blog about life: DIY, frugal life, lifestyle, fashion, and parenting challenges. We are a family blog talking about all the things that go into our tactical logical daily lives; we are the Liberatore family Susie, Chris, and Antonio. 

We have fun, live a little, and enjoy life too much; and love to share our stories with our audience. Chris loves to keep up with home projects; he is super handy! He has re modeled houses, created corn hole boards, and worked on endless car projects. Susie is a graphic designer and marketing girl by day and blogger by night. She keeps things very organized and loves the creative end of things. Antonio is a two year old boy who loves to be the center of attention, being a toddler, and constantly trying to get in trouble. He is one of the happiest kids, ever and is always smiling. Join us on our journey!


We offer a wide variety of services for business owners. We know that sometimes you are busy as a business owner, and we get it… You need help and need to outsource so your business can be productive and self-sufficient. Here are a few services that we offer:

  • Content Management: Do you need some editing done on a blog post?
  • Copywriting: Do you need a 500 word blog post written?
  • Graphic Design: Do you need banners, media kits, social graphics, etc?
  • Website Updates: Do you need your graphics or content updated on your website?
  • Social Media Influences: Do you want us to post on social accounts?
  • Photography: Do you need custom photography?

To find out more information and pricing please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Make sure you sign up for our newsletter!!


Read some blogs we have written and are featured on! 



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