The 3 Best Reasons For A Garden

Gardening is a great hobby to have. I love being able to get out of the house and take care of my little garden. I love how healthy my food is and how I manage to save money at the same time. There are many motives/grounds why you should garden, but here are my best top five reasons:

  1. Adose of Vitamin D. You get to go outside for a little while and soak up that sunshine. If you wanted to get a little tan, you could even do that. ; )

  2. A good work out. Carrying a watering can is heavy. Getting the garden set up is the hardest part because you have to make sure that you remove all the weeds. And Hello squats!! I mean, you have to get down and pull out all those bad weeds!!

  3. Get a little dirty. Okay, so this isn’t always a good perk, but it could be. It gives you an excuse to go in the shower, and get away from life for a little while.

So many more great benefits can be expected from gardening. But, more importantly, have fun!! Having fun and watching your little garden grow is so exciting.

Try these to help make your garden a success and allow you to truly enjoy the process:


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35 thoughts on “The 3 Best Reasons For A Garden

  1. You are absolutely right, it’s a great workout! I always wanted to have a nice garden, but now that I have one…I’m not so happy, haha. We’re renting right now, so we can’t do a lot with our garden. Keeping it clean is about all we can do, but it’s suuuuuch a mess!! I hope our next house will be our own and I can do with the garden whatever I want, haha.


  2. I love my little flower garden! It’s been such a rewarding feeling to get to see my flowers grow year after year! Maybe one of these days I’ll try my hand at a vegetable garden! 🤣


  3. Yes —we love our garden! Every year we mix it up a little but it is a wonderful experience. This year we have a spot for mini pumpkins–can’t wait!


  4. Gardening is so peaceful, and even more rewarding when you yield some produce! I was only able to plant a couple things this year, but I am hoping to be able to grow more next year! Getting a tan is one of the best added benefits 😉


  5. I’ve never had a garden, but my mamaw used to grow all her veggies and I can remember as a child playing between the neatly lined rows while she worked on it. I love the idea of a garden because you know exactly what’s on them (chemicals vs. no chemicals) and it’s also super rewarding to be able to see what you’ve accomplished. Great post!


  6. I would add #4 – eat delicious and fresh vegetables from your garden! I love visiting my parents garden in the summer to get some fresh produce to take home.. and I know they get so much enjoyment from tending to their garden.


  7. I love having a garden since you can get organic fruit for cheaper. Plus it just tastes that much better than going to a store. So fresh!


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